A savory rice porridge, perfect when you’re recovering from a cold (or just want a comforting easy-to-prep meal).
A take on karēraisu (or curry rice). Serve with rice.
A hearty lentil dish, simply good on its own or even better as a topping in a bowl or a wrap.
Nacho "cheese" that is totally vegan and great on top of tortilla chips, tacos, etc (really, anything that would use a cheese sauce). Makes a pretty big batch and lasts about a week in the fridge.
Found on Instagram. Self-explanatory.
This is a quick pickle made overnight in the fridge.
A slow cooked beef chuck recipe that goes good on nachos and tacos.
A simple hard-boiled egg recipe. Because I can never remember how long I let them sit.
A take on a traditional Filipino Chicken Adobo. Serve with rice.
A slow cooked dish based on the NYT recipe, which was in turn inspired by the beef, leek and barley soup in Home Cooking by Laurie Colwin.
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