Japanese Chicken Currybyzakhar
based on Original Japanese Curry by S&B FOODS INC.
Step 1
Add some oil to a large pot on medium heat and place the chicken thighs in, skin side down and cover with lid.
Step 2
While the chicken is starting to brown, rinse, peel, and chop the carrots and potatoes. Grate half an apple. Flip the chicken at some point during this prep work and snack on the rest of the apple.
Step 3
Add the carrots, potatoes, apple, and garlic, and enough stock to just cover. Should be less than a quart carton of broth. Put the lid back on the pot.
Step 4
Let that cook for a bit, and then start on the roux as it is getting close to finished. For the roux, add the 2.5 tbsp of oil and flour to a small pot/pan and cook for a few minutes on low until golden brown. Turn off the heat, and the S&B powder and mix. Then, slowly add broth from the main pot to thin out the roux.
Step 5
Mix the roux back into the main pot, let cook for a few more minutes, until the chicken is done and the carrots and potatoes are soft.
The original recipe this is based on is fairly different. I used apple (instead of sugar), stock (instead of stock cube and extra salt), no onion (since I forgot one time and we liked the taste), and different ratios.
A take on kar─ôraisu (or curry rice). Serve with rice.
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